Friday, December 9, 2011

Another stage of life............

Finally,I still left one more paper to go,then I will end my life as a Form 6 student.I have no idea about my result, but I know that it will be worst.This will disappointing my beloved family.But I know they still will support me whenever how bad is my result.Stress is really horrible and I hope I won't experience this feeling again. After this I will go for work while waiting for my result in this long holiday, this will be another stage of new life.What will be my future, is still an unknown. What I can do is be better and stronger as I have promise with a person to struggle for the best in the future.
Coming soon will be a lot of happy festival especially Christmas and New Year, really hope can celebrate these happy festival with all my friends and family. Unfortunately, I have to work during that time. Will miss all of them.
Early wishes for all of you: Happy Winter solstice, Marry Christmas, Happy New Year 2012 and Happy Chinese New Year!!!


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