Sunday, April 17, 2011


I just finished my MUET exam on 16th , this is the first time I sat for this exam, a good experience for me. I am quite worried about my reading,because the passages are more harder than I thought.This is because exams that I usually take in school are more easier. In addition,the reading carried 40% of the marks. However, I felt that I have little improvement in my speaking,compare with the performance in class, I always lack of points and quite silent in the speaking session. Luckily, in the speaking test I had talked a lot compare when in the class. In listening test, I think I done better then the March test. In writing session, I am not so confident about my report, but in extended writing I think I had do all my best. Despite what will be my result, the most important thing is I have a lot of improvement in my English language. Although it is not improve to a high level, but there is a good improvement for me to know more words and grammar.I will keep on work hard on this because I felt that I have a strong interest in language compare with other subjects. Hope that I can get a good result for my MUET.
Well, tomorrow is my Form six’s sport day, have to suffer under the hot sun, sure will be darker;plus I already become dark when went to practice for volleyball. The most funny is I take part in volleyball, ‘bola jaring’ and ‘bola baling’ , but I am not so good in these games.(Lolx, I think I will lose very fast) Never mind, it is just a game that can help us to release tension. Maybe miracle will happen, who knows….
Recently, I have a bad habit, that is always ‘abuse’ myself for not to sleep in the night although I am really sleepy. Maybe there are too many things that I haven’t complete yet, the ‘Mr. Responsibility’ always urge me to complete all the things until I am going to be crazy…It will follow me wherever I will be until I complete all my works. What a powerful ‘Mr. Responsibility’……

p/s: 尽得大的责任,就得大快乐; 尽得小的责任,就得小快乐。

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